Sand sailing

Sand sailing or sand yachting is a sport which is learned fast and that provides an unforgettable sensation of speed from the first minutes of driving.
Accomplished sportsman or amateur, practice a sport full of excitement.
Alone or with your family, enjoy the advice and experience of our team and go at your pace.
The yachting school Utah Avel Mor offers you to discover and introduce you to the sport during discovery and initiation sessions open to all.
Equipped with a helmet, a suit and your old sneakers, you will pilot a MC2 char.
To be sure to ride, we advise you to book in advance.

So, go ahead and have a try !!

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Aquatic Walking

Why not spend some discovery time at high tide at Utah Beach ?
Coastal aquatic walking is a practice elaborated by a professional trainer looking for cardiovascular and muscle strengthening activity without joint trauma.
Today this activity is accessible to everyone!
Sport activity, health and wellness, walking the coastal aquatic knows a great success: it is now practiced on the majority of the French coastline.



At the heart of Utah Beach between the Saint Marcouf Islands and the Bay of Veys. Come and discover the sensations of catamaran gliding.
From 12 years on probation, private lessons for individuals and groups. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of our site.


Canoe kayak

Peace, freedom, ride and why not fishing ? Discover the joys of sea kayaking.
Alone, with friends, with family, seminar … Our offers are adapted to all your requests.


Zumba classes will be offered for free at our camping Utah Beach.
Come and wiggle to the sound of Latin rhythms and burn calories in a good mood.
Our qualified instructor will supervise you and take you step by step to make your experience to a great time.
You are new at this? There is something for all levels: from beginners to enthusiasts, everyone can enjoy these tips to perfect this dance sport. A sport for 7-77 years!
So no more hesitation. Jump in your sneakers and let yourself go to the sound of furious rhythms!



During the summer hikes are organised.
Occasionally, the heritage and “Beauguillot” Reserve (ornithology) can be visited
Every little surrounding path is conducive for walking and to enjoy the good see air. Forgotten are the crowds, flows, traffic jams.

On site “Bike” and “Rosalie” rental

Bike rental, this funny bike called “ROSALIE” for a ride with friends or family. This four-wheeler allow you to stroll in peace. Tours are offered free at the reception

So, get away in a different way. Time for a good bowl of air !!!!!