Char à Voile

Char à Voile – Utah Beach par © Sabina Lorkin | Anibas Photography | Basse Normandie

The school of sand yatching Utah Avel Mor offers you differents forms for schools in order to discover the sand yatching and our landscapes, in partnership with our campsite.

The sand yatching provides speed sensations from the first minutes of driving, we give you the opportunity to discover this sport and to take advantage of advice with the experience of professionals.

Utah Beach is an ideal place to practive this activity. Indeed, it offers long distances, without obstacles. The beach permits to have a walk and discover the nature.

The goal of this activity is to know our region and develop our sport through trips organized by our campsite. We offer you :

  • Accommodations in chalet (cottage) : 6 beds
  • Full board
  • Sand yatching in half day
  • Others activities : Mini golf, swimming pool, canoe kayak, visit of museum of Sainte Marie du Mont

We have differents models of sand yatching :

  • The Mini Club : It’s dedicated to beginners in order to learn the sand yatching. Starting from 7 years old. In our club, we have 12 sand yatching, it’s permits to welcome a classroom of 24 students with a sand yatching for 2.
  • The Kite Buggy : We offer sand yatching with flying kites or traction wings. We have 12 wings and 4 buggys.

To reserv your star, don’t hesitate to contact us !
If you wish more informations, you can consult the website of Utah Avel Mor by clicking here.